The source for investors, commodity traders, project funders and humanitarian donors who are interested in African Projects


By African governments to secure an understanding with high profile investors who want to partner with federal, state or local governments in Africa


And provide information for you regarding specific projects in Africa that you can view or discuss with us at our office in Atlanta, USA


To sign working documents in the chosen area of interest (mining & exploration, agriculture, housing projects, communication, project financing, partnerships, investments and other areas)


UNIQCONSULT LLC,  USA, is a company with a team of planners, managers, strategists and professionals from diverse disciplines with contemporary skills on uniquely global scale. Our agency will take on complex strategic projects in order to simplify and achieve success for our clients. The management skill in Uniqconsult is designed to greatly improve the performance of our clients through the application of a committed sustainable approach to all projects. We render advices and services on strategic decisions and projects which have implications on local, regional and national economic development of a people. Ours is to hear from the client and then develop a high result-oriented approach designed to achieve the desired result.

Walk across borders – UNIQCONSULT partners in a worldwide union 

In times of globalization and increasing competition, it's getting more and more important, to cooperate with qualified and specialized partner offices inland and abroad. The golden rule is to satisfy our clients. This is what we do here in UNIQCONSULT LLC. Become our partner!